Other projects

In my early days, I have worked on another set of projects in computer programming. Here is a short list of the most meaningful:

  • XLV (eXtended Linux Video) was a multi-threaded video player/encoder for linux. It supported a number of popular formats like MP3, WAV, AVI, MPG, QT, … I wrote it with both pipelining in mind and deadline scheduler for audio/video packet managment. Though it is now deprecated by GStreamer, it remains an interesting experiment.
  • wxWindows: I participated in the ellaboration of the skeleton of the wxWindows architecture. Mostly the I/O and the Network module. This code is still largely in place in current versions.
  • Kaffe: a portable Java-compatible virtual machine. I participated in a large number of bug fixes and development of the memory garbage collector, the JIT compiler, JNI, …
  • Classpath: I participated in the development at the interface between the virtual machine and the java library. I hunted regressions and tried to harmonize kaffe with classpath architecture.

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