Public code for astronomy

For doing my research I have developped a number of small (and bigger !) program. They cover either the implementation of algorithms for exploring large data sets, cosmological N-body simulations, visualization.

Here, I am pushing some of them to the public:

  • ICgen: an initial condition generator for N-body simulations. It supports local type non-gaussianities, constrained realizations of gaussian random fields, and is parallelized with MPI.
  • CosmoToolbox: it is a small (but growing) set of C++ classes that I have found sufficiently useful to gather in a single shared library. It covers various topics: Two KD-Tree implementations, binary interchange format with Yorick using NetCDF, parsing arguments on the command line, analytical power spectra, …
  • FLINTS: The Fast and Lean INterpolation on The Sphere. It is the set of a C++ library and samples to compute a statistically correct interpolation for a field sampled on the sphere.
  • GalaxExplorer: a 3-d visualization tool for galaxy catalogs and N-body simulations. Some movies that I made using this tool are shown on the “Movies” page.

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